Ghosts at the Historic Lighthouse in Two Harbors, Minnesota?

Fall is my favorite season of the year and it’s particularly beautiful in Minnesota.  Just taking a drive to Stillwater, Alexandria or Duluth gives you hours of splendid scenery and enjoyable memories.

Beautiful autumn
Beautiful Colors

I particularly love the scenic North Shore Drive in the fall of the year.  The historic city of Two Harbors, Minnesota, is home to the wonderful Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast listed on Historic Registry.  The Two Harbors Light Station is a working lighthouse that adds to its magnificence by encompassing a historic Bed & Breakfast complete with scenic view, modest accommodations in the 1892 style in which it originated, and its own resident ghost.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Years ago I watched a program on Channel Five News on which Jason Davis, the now retired “On the Road” host, hinted of the ghost’s existence when giving one of his intriguing commentaries on the City of Two Harbors, Minnesota.

Historic Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast Two Harbors, Minnesota
Historic Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast Two Harbors, Minnesota

The Historic Lighthouse does not lack authenticity as it towers 78 feet above the surface of Lake Superior.  The 49.6 foot red brick tower whose residence houses a four bedroom Bed & Breakfast is unique onto itself.   Three of the four bedrooms share a common bath (Keeper’s Room, Harbor Room and Forest Room) and one of the rooms (Skiff House) has its own private accommodations complete with Jacuzzi.

The lighthouse whose beacon can be seen for 17 miles is maintained by a volunteer group of citizens who clean the light regularly to keep it in working order.  The Bed & Breakfast was opened in 1999 when the lighthouse became the property of the Lake County Historical Society.

Historic Railroad at Two Harbors Minnesota
Historic Railroad at Two Harbors Minnesota

Visitors often take the scenic train ride from Duluth through the wooded North Shore to Two Harbors, Minnesota, and many of them spend the night at the Historic Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast.  Most people don’t know of the many ghostly rumors flying (no pun intended) around at the Bed & Breakfast when they make their plans to stay the night.  Even Jason Davis indicated in his story that when evening comes, the keeper’s leave for the night only to return in the morning to prepare the sumptuous Scandinavian candle lit breakfast celebrated by many who visit the lighthouse.  It is a feast fit for a king with china, goblets and fine table linens.

Whispers of the previous night’s sounds, smells and images permeate the breakfast conversation.  One guest swears they saw a man standing in the window of the keeper’s quarters after everyone had bedded for the night.  Another guest told of feeling a body lying on the empty bed.  Many would chime in recalling the smell of pipe tobacco and wondered who had been smoking unattended in the night.  When one guest mentioned the outside flag whipping in the wind, the head keeper of house stopped short and smiled.  “She was back again then”. Whispers of speculation fluttered about the room.

Scene outside the Historic Lighthouse
Scene outside the Historic Lighthouse

Of course most of this is pure subjection and rumor but how much fun can we make from rumors?  Even so, having a haunted Bed & Breakfast is just part of attraction in Two Harbors, Minnesota.  The Bed & Breakfast is open all year round and guests enjoy shopping, dining, hiking, sailing, kayaking, fishing, canoeing and winter sports.

In my Rubies Saga Rubies – Escaping the Curse, the entire family enjoys the scenic relaxation that comes with living in and around Duluth, Minnesota.

Two Harbors Main Street
Two Harbors Main Street

Of course if the attractions in Two Harbors aren’t enough there is always the drive up to Betty’s Pies or Gooseberry Falls just a few miles north of the city.   The restaurants in the small scenic town aren’t half bad either and I’ve enjoyed many dinners at Judy’s Café or the Blackwood’s Bar & Grill, which also has entertained a ghost or two.  All in all it is a worthwhile trip and one the family will thoroughly enjoy.

Gooseberry Falls
Gooseberry Falls

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